19 May 2015

What is the unique nature of LED Supermarket Light?

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LED Supermarket Light has how unique in nature? Whenever the supermarket go near my house, approached the region of the fresh, always feel that something more interesting to me, I rarely buy food, all the family to buy good food every day, but I go to the supermarket that always pushed along with everyone fruit and vegetable area, meat district look, I do not buy,but why it is¬†attracted me? Fresh look at items above lighting, always seemed furnishings items are very fresh, buy back home to take another look not so fresh. Watching the lighting is LED lights, LED lighting Supermarket written LED Fresh Light lights, it turned this LED lamp power attracted me. A supermarket average accounted for about 30% of the supermarket business area. Among them, the fresh red meat and colorful fruits and vegetables to attract customer’s attention and stimulate their appetite. In fact, customers choose the supermarket standards, 75% of people are very emphasis supermarket fresh food fresh. LED Fresh Light ¬†lighting grand launch self-developed “pretty pure” series LED Fresh Light, fresh place to meet all kinds of lighting applications.
LED Fresh Light lamp has a unique sense of raw meat, fruit and vegetables, bread, three different types of ingredients need to show the effect is entirely different, LED Fresh Light according to their different characteristics, using spectrum control technique to realize customized IM lighting programme. Use unique spectral control, makes the color better, more natural, no sense of color, reflect more natural light and color to make food look more fresh and delicious.
LED Fresh Light has professional light control / with light precision. Sacz illuminated by a professional optical design, making the spots more uniform, and glare-free. Fresh light and efficient thermal design: “Liang pure” series uses passive heat sinks, the maintenance-free, reliable operation of the LED module technology ensures the LED module is working well,and does not consume any additional energy consumption. At the same time, ensure that the LED module is always working in the range below the critical temperature, minimizing flux decline.
LED Supermarket Light pplay a role in energy saving, environmental protection and long life. Compared with traditional light source, LED green light source, no UV radiation, low heat radiation. Greatly reduce the heat to bring fresh food to reduce damage to merchandise loss and avoid rising business cost of sales. Meanwhile, energy saving effect of up to 40%. Fresh sacz lighting lamp mounting flexible and convenient. Fresh Light “Liang pure” series power supply built, using lift suspension wire ways to make construction more convenient,more flexible adjustment,maximum tensile elongation up to 1.5 m,withstand gravity range is 1.5KG~5KG.
Why so many people are crowded every day fresh area?Why the fresh light that lead people taken seriously? LED Fresh Light fresh food in light lighting design, cleverly shades cooling structure, more economical option, the bright red, yellow, blue, green and orange colors chosen to “fresh” restore “fresh”. Effectively enhance the fresh food area attractive to customers.

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