20 Jun 2015

The advantage of LED LED pork lamp or LED Meat Light

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LED Fresh light Lighting LED lamp for fresh meat, fresh pork market lighting developed it,to replace the existing general lighting. For a new generation of fresh lighting,high brightness, high color, low light decay, long life. Easily broken and so on.Compared traditional lighting lamps more energy-saving, 18W of LED pork lamp, can instead of traditional 40W of energy-saving lamp, especially health fresh meat food, lighting effect best, make meat look more fresh, so you’re better than someone else’s business.Taiwan imports light Crystal Yuan chip, brightness for highest brightness, it is similar to the two dozen pork watt LED lamp brightness on the market.not only solution lamp power more bigger, and also more energy-saving.Power adopt constant current source,the power is more efficient than ordinary resistance-capacitance pressure, longer life expectancy, as opposed to constant voltage and constant current power supply using the more secure, not as bad a led effect light lighting effect,to guarantee the service life of the lamps,welcome customers to loose odd advice to buy.
For the Supermarket Light,known as: LED lamp supermarket pork, pork lights, light meat stalls, markets pork lights, fish lights, light meat, LED Supermarket Light,etc.
From the Shape,it can be divided into LED Fresh Light,LED Fresh Tube Light,Fresh LED Track Light,Fresh LED High Bay Light.

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