15 Aug 2015

Supermarket regional led fresh light color choices

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Yellow: Yellow symbolizing good luck and also reminiscent of grain and bread, LED Fresh light chandelier lighting-fresh area, equipped with ceramic discharge metal halide lamp warm light uniform and soft light, most suitable for bread, cooked food, dried fruit, fruit and bulk snack counters.
Green: Green is the main theme of the forest, full of vigor, it symbolizes youth, healthy and fresh, LED Fresh light chandelier lighting-fresh area is equipped with single-ended metal halide light source and high color rendering sodium lamps helps digestion and calms, very suitable for buying fruits and vegetables counters.
Blue: the color of the sea,very suitable for aquaculture seafood area.
Red: Red richest irritating, it represents the passion, warm, beautiful, auspicious and hot, which coupled with a warm light source, is ideal for a barbecue, cooked and fresh meat,can also make fruit and vegetables more vivid colors,such as slitting, apples, watermelon,tomatoes.

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