Supermarket regional led fresh light color choices

Yellow: Yellow symbolizing good luck and also reminiscent of grain and bread, LED Fresh light chandelier lighting-fresh area, equipped with ceramic discharge metal halide lamp warm light uniform and soft light, most suitable for bread, cooked food, dried fruit, fruit and bulk snack counters. Green: Green is the main theme of the forest, full of.. read more →

The advantage of LED LED pork lamp or LED Meat Light

LED Fresh light Lighting LED lamp for fresh meat, fresh pork market lighting developed it,to replace the existing general lighting. For a new generation of fresh lighting,high brightness, high color, low light decay, long life. Easily broken and so on.Compared traditional lighting lamps more energy-saving, 18W of LED pork lamp, can instead of traditional 40W.. read more →

What is the unique nature of LED Supermarket Light?

LED Supermarket Light has how unique in nature? Whenever the supermarket go near my house, approached the region of the fresh, always feel that something more interesting to me, I rarely buy food, all the family to buy good food every day, but I go to the supermarket that always pushed along with everyone fruit.. read more →

LED Supermarket Fruit Light

Depending on kinds of food,the supermarket fresh food lighting should choose different LED fresh light crust,shape and color temperature of the light.For us,the LED Fresh Light has different kinds of type,such as Fresh LED High Bay Light,Fresh LED Track Light,LED Fresh Light and LED Fresh Tube Light.About color,we have red,yellow, green, marine blue, gray shell,different.. read more →

Led Fresh Supermarket Light for fresh meat,food,fish,bread,fruit and vegetable

For the LED Fresh Light,it is widely used in fresh fruits,vegetables,flowers and fish, cheese,meat district, frozen and cooked products area in supermarket, dining table and other lighting applications. Keeping the store a minimum of visibility, the convenience of customers to buy goods. Now more use of lamps and chandeliers, etc., also pay attention to the.. read more →

CIE Coordinates For Food Light

Special color LED brings a more attractive product display Gold With warm and bring light beam; Perfect for bread lighting and jewelry cabinet lighting; Excellent CRI Ra>90. Gold+ With light brown color beam; Perfect for freshly baked croissants and crusty French bread or other bakery goods. Fresh meat This color is perfectly suitable for fresh.. read more →

The analysis of LED Module/LED and Type of Food

Low Radiation Lighting for Food Food is a basic human need,we crave the satisfaction and enjoyment of eating foods,with the public becoming more and more critical in terms of the freshness and quality,it is important that what we see and how we taste it. Traditional lighting causes rapid food deteroration.The heat and light radiation that.. read more →